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In January, T2 launched a customised series of developmental programmes, which will allow L&D Departments to bring our unique, copyrighted programmes effortlessly in-house, and make Psycho-Linguistics part of a Company’s DNA.

The programmes are based on three decades of experience with global clients from all sectors – including banks, insurance companies, retailers, utilities and government departments.

Each one comes in a user-friendly format, with a full range of support material: model answers, quality framework and sustainability. They’ve all been specifically engineered with customers – and employees – in mind.

Love Your Complaints won the most Innovative Training Award at the Customer Service Training Awards in 2012.

The Power of Words won the Best Training Award at the Contact Centre Supplier Awards in 2016.

Smart Writing, designed to satisfy the increasing demand of omni-channel communication, has been our most popular programme for three years in a row.

Results prove that by using our unique Psycho-Linguistic strategies organisations not only manage the content of their communication, but also customers’ emotional reactions to it.

Corporate brands and tones of voice come to life. Trust, empathy and conflict improve. Staff engagement gets a boost. Performance and profitability increase.

Each developmental package is guaranteed to provide a rock-solid return on investment.


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Over the past few months, T2 has run a series of writing workshops for the market-leading provider of conveyancing search solutions.

Each year, the organisation runs over 1 million conveyancing searches and delivers property intelligence to more than 2,500 clients across England and Wales.

Recently, the company has won several awards in recognition of its outstanding customer experience and customer satisfaction levels.

But as they say, “If you are standing still, you are also going backwards. It takes great effort to maintain forward movement (Reed Markham)”.

So to enhance the skills of the customer service and sales teams, the Customer Service Manager and long-time friend of T2 commissioned a bespoke training programme.

The programme focused on the application of Psycho-Linguistics to the written word: a key technique that will help front-line staff add positivity and emotion to their prose.

We were also asked to inject into the programme insights about brand personality / tone of voice, style and syntax.

All of this has already started delivering results in terms of more effective communication and increased client satisfaction. And as a by-product, learning new skills also boosted employee engagement.

T2 trainers were impressed by the commitment the participants showed in wanting to improve a very desirable skill.

And we were also immensely pleased to receive this feedback:

“Thank you so much for your time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved your work – it’s a great course.”

“Great course, opened my eyes to how I and the company want to be viewed by our customers.”

“Really helpful and inspiring.”

T2’s Smart Writing programmes and Style Guides have registered rave reviews from our new client, a worldwide leader in outsourced multichannel customer experience.

Recently, we were commissioned a series of writing courses to improve the quality, style and emotional impact of our client’s written customer communication.

We designed a bespoke programme that revolved around Psycho-Linguistics: a unique combination of Psychology and Language which allows companies not only to manage the content of messages, but also customers’ emotional reactions.

After only one week, repeat contact dropped dramatically, and customers started congratulating advisors on their “impressive” new Smart emails.

The VP of Operations who commissioned the work, the CEO, the Head of Customer Service, the Team Leader and the participants are all ‘raving’ about the programmes.

The front-line staff said they “thoroughly enjoyed the two days” and “felt much more confident when returning to work”.

And the management noticed a great improvement in staff’s writing skills, as well as a boost in their desire to write and their motivation levels.

A win-win for everybody.

Our latest survey of 1,200 Call Centre Agents revealed a huge need for training in two key topics: handling awkward customers (40%) and dealing with difficult questions (23%).

This is either a reflection on today’s more sophisticated, demanding customers. Or on Call Centre Agents, who realise they need greater emotional intelligence and inter-personal skills to cope with modern, savvy consumers.

Or both.