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As the market leader for warranties in the construction industry, NHBC has an enviable reputation.

Recently, the Company took a major decision to improve its relationship with registered builders and members of the public – who have no specialised knowledge of the industry.

T2 has made a significant contribution to the project, training the Sales and Marketing Teams, the entire Customer Service Division, Claims Assessors and Claims Investigators.

As a direct result of the Project sales have increased, morale has improved, and homeowners have flooded the Company with compliments. NHBC is delighted.

This is what the company had to say:

It’s made people re-think how they explain quite complicated scenarios, and instead of using too much NHBC jargon, to try and put it into simpler terms. They’ve been getting more compliments which I’m absolutely thrilled for them. They are sharing what works well with each other. It’s given them a sense of ownership, and rather than it being us as managers telling them what to do, they are actually joining up in little groups and sharing ideas and thoughts which have been absolutely fantastic. And I know other parts of NHBC are now considering using T2-UK training. They do understand NHBC and know what makes us tick.

Lorraine Bateson, Business Transformation Manager – Claims, NHBC

Thanks Lorraine it was a pleasure working with you and the team.

Posted by T2 Ltd on Wednesday, 4 June 2014