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Complaints, if not handled properly, can easily destroy customers’ trust in your business – in a matter of seconds.

Love Your Complaints is deeply rooted in Psycho-Linguistic communication and is guaranteed to restore your reputation, retain your customers, and boost staff morale. Modules cover:

  • the psychological and emotional drivers of complaints
  • the five types of complainers
  • the cost of a lost customer
  • the art of turning negatives into positives
  • words that generate trust
  • primary vs secondary complaints
  • the three best strategies for resolving conflict
  • the five ways of dealing with difficult questions
  • influencing styles
  • negotiation for a win-win solution
  • the ultimate complaints model
  • resilience and grit.

The package includes tutors’ manuals, delegates’ handbooks, slides and case studies based on client’s material. We also offer psychological questionnaires, which provide delegates with insights into their behavioural skills and personality traits.

All the material has been prepared with in-house trainers in mind. Trust us, it’s worked all over the world and it will work for you.

Clients say…

“This course has made such a difference to the performance of the team … they feel so much more able to deal with complaints now.” 

Claire Mulroy, First Choice

“The letters are going well … we even had two letters this morning thanking us for the review after rejecting their complaints and asking the next way forward.” 

Jason Phillips, Royal Bank of Scotland

We’d love to help.


In January, T2 launched a customised series of developmental programmes, which will allow L&D Departments to bring our unique, copyrighted programmes effortlessly in-house, and make Psycho-Linguistics part of a Company’s DNA.

The programmes are based on three decades of experience with global clients from all sectors – including banks, insurance companies, retailers, utilities and government departments.

Each one comes in a user-friendly format, with a full range of support material: model answers, quality framework and sustainability. They’ve all been specifically engineered with customers – and employees – in mind.

Love Your Complaints won the most Innovative Training Award at the Customer Service Training Awards in 2012.

The Power of Words won the Best Training Award at the Contact Centre Supplier Awards in 2016.

Smart Writing, designed to satisfy the increasing demand of omni-channel communication, has been our most popular programme for three years in a row.

Results prove that by using our unique Psycho-Linguistic strategies organisations not only manage the content of their communication, but also customers’ emotional reactions to it.

Corporate brands and tones of voice come to life. Trust, empathy and conflict improve. Staff engagement gets a boost. Performance and profitability increase.

Each developmental package is guaranteed to provide a rock-solid return on investment.


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One week after our first series of programmes in Dubai, our client has already doubled the number of complaints recovered and boosted customer appreciation by 100%.

Over the past few years, T2’s been on a mission to take Psycho-Linguistics to the U.A.E.

We soon discovered that this is a relatively new concept in this part of the world, and everybody’s really interested in the impact it’s had over the past 25 years with our global clients.

In particular, many Dubai-based companies told us they were keen on improving how their brand comes across amongst their customers – who come from over 70 countries.

It’s not always easy for organisations to live up to their brand. As a result, they often project a different personality and tone of voice from the one that’s been designed by the executive team.

Identifying this gap is exactly what our prominent Dubai client has asked us to do.

After we completed this research, we developed specialist communication programmes that closed the brand gap and took customer communication to new heights.

We started working in a specific division of the company that dealt with high-level complaints.

The series of four-day programmes revolved around Psycho-Linguistics, and included customer communication (spoken and written), psychology, strategies for resolving complaints, and a range of practical exercises including role plays and professional writing exercises.

100% of the participants said that they’ve learnt strategies that will help them be more successful in their jobs.

This initiative has already delivered results: in only one week since the first series of programmes, the company doubled the number of complaints that have been resolved and saw a huge increase in customer appreciations compared to the previous month.

In such a multicultural region, where pleasing all customers may seem like a bit of a mission impossible – that’s not bad.