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T2’s messages have been so successful that they have been translated by one international airline into seven languages, including Mandarin Chinese – the mother tongue of 840 million people, making it the world’s most spoken language.

If you add in the 350 million who speak Spanish and the 340 million who speak English, you’re up to 1,530,000,000 people who could potentially read/listen to our words. And that’s not counting the other four languages. 

Words matter all over the world.

Since 2016, T2 has been collaborating with a major European airline that has 18 Skyteam partners.

Each year, the company flies 40+ million happy passengers to over 165 destinations worldwide. The airline has an outstanding track-record for excellence, currently ranking fifth for customer service on the latest European league table.

This commitment to excellence is also evident in the company’s continuous effort to improve its customer communication – especially its written communication.

Over the years, our team of professional writers have helped the company improve all facets of its customer communication, including research documents.

The prose can be quite challenging when customers are on the receiving end of bad news.  And equally challenging when eliciting specific emotional responses to customer service.

Writing is not easy. Writing in a way that has a positive effect on millions of people of all cultures and demographics can be even more challenging. On top of this, crafting chatbot messages requires two additional skills. First, it’s essential to select the most effective words for the shortest possible messages. And second, the automated communication needs to be softened by the inclusion of a human element. Nobody likes to talk to a machine!

Our on-going relationship with this airline demonstrates the importance of quality writing and the benefits it brings to the travel & leisure industry. It seems the power of words is stronger than ever in the age of AI.

At T2, we are seasoned travellers and adore writing. And when these activities somehow overlap, it’s a winning combination.

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In customer communication, the pendulum seems to have swung from the written word to the spoken word and back again, in the form of social media and web chat.

This explains why the demand for our Smart Writing programmes has increased exponentially in recent years, all over the world.

Writing vibrant, concise, elegant prose is not easy. During our courses, we change advisors’ mindset one step at the time, demonstrating there is a better way to write. We always follow the theory with re-writing exercises – in a safe environment. Modules cover:

  • the cornerstones of writing
  • two timeless principles of good writing
  • audience type analysis
  • seven ways to control readers’ reaction
  • running orders for good/bad news
  • the best complaint recovery models
  • P.I.N. (profile – issues – needs) analysis
  • style
  • tone.

This one- or two-day programme reaches its maximum expression in the three-day version, which also features a customer service or complaint component.

Finally, it comes with a Style Guide: this is essential to sustain the training – from the first day back in work, and for many years to come.

Clients say…

“Psycho-Linguistics should be compulsory for those who write letters – before they start writing them.” 

Delegate, First Direct

 “We have ‘lift-off’. These letters are perfect.” 

Angela Kelly, Ulster Bank

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Nowadays, resolving or reducing complaints is no longer enough. To be truly successful, it’s crucial for companies to turn each customer into an advocate. Someone who’s able to positively influence the perceptions of thousands of other people – both in the real world and on social media.

That’s where The Power of Words comes in.

This programme establishes best practices for customer service. And thanks to Psycho-Linguistics, it will also take advisors’ communication skills to new heights. Modules include:

  • the top five things all customers want
  • what makes humans tick
  • turning negatives into positives
  • 15 magic words
  • the tricks of perception
  • transactional analysis
  • psychological stroking
  • the three most effective persuasive arguments
  • active listening
  • the importance of your voice at work
  • overcoming cross-cultural barriers
  • emotional intelligence.

This bespoke programme can run for one or two days. Or, it can be part of a comprehensive four-day package on omni-channel communication (both spoken and written).

As always, it comes with all the essentials you need, some optional extras, and T2’s on-going support.

Clients say…

“Since T2 introduced Psycho-Linguistics I have seen our entire team come together with a common goal to serve the emotional needs of our customers. Not only has our company begun healing our relationship with our customers, but we have also witnessed our team strengthen our own emotional and psychological trust in each other.”

Micah Clack, Consumers Energy

“We’ve got the green light to drive Psycho-Linguistics throughout the remaining 1,400 staff in the organisation – the hard work starts here.” 

Paul Winterbourne, Nationwide

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Complaints, if not handled properly, can easily destroy customers’ trust in your business – in a matter of seconds.

Love Your Complaints is deeply rooted in Psycho-Linguistic communication and is guaranteed to restore your reputation, retain your customers, and boost staff morale. Modules cover:

  • the psychological and emotional drivers of complaints
  • the five types of complainers
  • the cost of a lost customer
  • the art of turning negatives into positives
  • words that generate trust
  • primary vs secondary complaints
  • the three best strategies for resolving conflict
  • the five ways of dealing with difficult questions
  • influencing styles
  • negotiation for a win-win solution
  • the ultimate complaints model
  • resilience and grit.

The package includes tutors’ manuals, delegates’ handbooks, slides and case studies based on client’s material. We also offer psychological questionnaires, which provide delegates with insights into their behavioural skills and personality traits.

All the material has been prepared with in-house trainers in mind. Trust us, it’s worked all over the world and it will work for you.

Clients say…

“This course has made such a difference to the performance of the team … they feel so much more able to deal with complaints now.” 

Claire Mulroy, First Choice

“The letters are going well … we even had two letters this morning thanking us for the review after rejecting their complaints and asking the next way forward.” 

Jason Phillips, Royal Bank of Scotland

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