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T2’s messages have been so successful that they have been translated by one international airline into seven languages, including Mandarin Chinese – the mother tongue of 840 million people, making it the world’s most spoken language.

If you add in the 350 million who speak Spanish and the 340 million who speak English, you’re up to 1,530,000,000 people who could potentially read/listen to our words. And that’s not counting the other four languages. 

Words matter all over the world.

Since 2016, T2 has been collaborating with a major European airline that has 18 Skyteam partners.

Each year, the company flies 40+ million happy passengers to over 165 destinations worldwide. The airline has an outstanding track-record for excellence, currently ranking fifth for customer service on the latest European league table.

This commitment to excellence is also evident in the company’s continuous effort to improve its customer communication – especially its written communication.

Over the years, our team of professional writers have helped the company improve all facets of its customer communication, including research documents.

The prose can be quite challenging when customers are on the receiving end of bad news.  And equally challenging when eliciting specific emotional responses to customer service.

Writing is not easy. Writing in a way that has a positive effect on millions of people of all cultures and demographics can be even more challenging. On top of this, crafting chatbot messages requires two additional skills. First, it’s essential to select the most effective words for the shortest possible messages. And second, the automated communication needs to be softened by the inclusion of a human element. Nobody likes to talk to a machine!

Our on-going relationship with this airline demonstrates the importance of quality writing and the benefits it brings to the travel & leisure industry. It seems the power of words is stronger than ever in the age of AI.

At T2, we are seasoned travellers and adore writing. And when these activities somehow overlap, it’s a winning combination.

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