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In customer communication, the pendulum seems to have swung from the written word to the spoken word and back again, in the form of social media and web chat.

This explains why the demand for our Smart Writing programmes has increased exponentially in recent years, all over the world.

Writing vibrant, concise, elegant prose is not easy. During our courses, we change advisors’ mindset one step at the time, demonstrating there is a better way to write. We always follow the theory with re-writing exercises – in a safe environment. Modules cover:

  • the cornerstones of writing
  • two timeless principles of good writing
  • audience type analysis
  • seven ways to control readers’ reaction
  • running orders for good/bad news
  • the best complaint recovery models
  • P.I.N. (profile – issues – needs) analysis
  • style
  • tone.

This one- or two-day programme reaches its maximum expression in the three-day version, which also features a customer service or complaint component.

Finally, it comes with a Style Guide: this is essential to sustain the training – from the first day back in work, and for many years to come.

Clients say…

“Psycho-Linguistics should be compulsory for those who write letters – before they start writing them.” 

Delegate, First Direct

 “We have ‘lift-off’. These letters are perfect.” 

Angela Kelly, Ulster Bank

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