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T2 has recently delivered its first pilot course for The Ringley Group – comprising surveyors, solicitors, property managers and customer service teams – in the heart of the British Capital.

Mary-Anne Bowring, Group Managing Director, worked with us to establish a Corporate Personality and Tone of Voice for the Group.

“Looking after 10,000 homes means looking after ten thousands families – in one of the most culturally diverse capitals in the world,” she points out.

And in a world where customers’ expectations are constantly rising, Ringley’s ability to understand human needs and master a range of communication styles with its diverse audience is a priority for the Group.

Mary-Anne is now planning to improve Ringley’s written communication, bringing the brand alive across all channels.

If you’d like to improve your Company’s oral and written customer communication, have a look at our service offering and get in touch with us.

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