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I bet you’ve all heard we design and deliver Psycho-Linguistic training courses for customer service excellence. And probably you’ve recently read we also provide outsourced writing / copywriting services. But did you know that T2 also offer Psychological Counselling?

You’re probably wondering what our team of Psychologists exactly do, so wonder no more. First of all, they compile pen pictures, namely individual profiles, of the delegates who participated to our courses, in order to assist in their continuous development. Secondly, they assess and provide feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of Middle and Senior Managers. Last but not least, they create behavioural questionnaires.

Our Research

You’ll agree there is a huge amount of latent talent lying dormant in Call Centres, worldwide.

To identify the personality traits and key behavioural skills of the best contact centre advisors, we decided to carry out a one-year research project with one of our major UK clients, British Gas.

During our training programmes, we invited delegates to complete a series of psychological questionnaires. These measured their levels of optimism, the clarity of their personal values, their stated feelings of stress, as well as their Emotional Intelligence and conflict management styles.

Working with Senior Management, we then tracked customer service metrics of individual agents, and in this way identified the personality traits and behavioural skills of the elite agents who reduced repeat calls by 100% whilst simultaneously increasing NPS.

Finally, this information has been used by T2 Psychologists to create a Behavioural Profile Questionnaire (BPA), now available on-line.


The psychological/behavioural instrument T2 has developed has a two-fold benefit.

On the one hand, it can be used in recruitment and selection initiatives, allowing Companies to accurately predict the most suitable recruits for future employment.

On the other, this knowledge will also allow companies to assess existing staff and consider whether the position they hold is the ‘best fit’ for their talents and abilities within that division of a call centre. It can also help employers to determine what adjustments could maximise the performance and contribution of employees.

As Brian Tracy, the famous American motivational speaker and author said, “As a business owner or manager, you know that hiring the wrong person is the most costly mistake you can make.”

So don’t waste any more time, money or resources. Contact us to discover more about our psychometric questionnaires, and start hiring the best people for your contact centre. |

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