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T2’s Smart Writing programmes and Style Guides have registered rave reviews from our new client, a worldwide leader in outsourced multichannel customer experience.

Recently, we were commissioned a series of writing courses to improve the quality, style and emotional impact of our client’s written customer communication.

We designed a bespoke programme that revolved around Psycho-Linguistics: a unique combination of Psychology and Language which allows companies not only to manage the content of messages, but also customers’ emotional reactions.

After only one week, repeat contact dropped dramatically, and customers started congratulating advisors on their “impressive” new Smart emails.

The VP of Operations who commissioned the work, the CEO, the Head of Customer Service, the Team Leader and the participants are all ‘raving’ about the programmes.

The front-line staff said they “thoroughly enjoyed the two days” and “felt much more confident when returning to work”.

And the management noticed a great improvement in staff’s writing skills, as well as a boost in their desire to write and their motivation levels.

A win-win for everybody.

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