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Over the past few months, T2 has run a series of writing workshops for the market-leading provider of conveyancing search solutions.

Each year, the organisation runs over 1 million conveyancing searches and delivers property intelligence to more than 2,500 clients across England and Wales.

Recently, the company has won several awards in recognition of its outstanding customer experience and customer satisfaction levels.

But as they say, “If you are standing still, you are also going backwards. It takes great effort to maintain forward movement (Reed Markham)”.

So to enhance the skills of the customer service and sales teams, the Customer Service Manager and long-time friend of T2 commissioned a bespoke training programme.

The programme focused on the application of Psycho-Linguistics to the written word: a key technique that will help front-line staff add positivity and emotion to their prose.

We were also asked to inject into the programme insights about brand personality / tone of voice, style and syntax.

All of this has already started delivering results in terms of more effective communication and increased client satisfaction. And as a by-product, learning new skills also boosted employee engagement.

T2 trainers were impressed by the commitment the participants showed in wanting to improve a very desirable skill.

And we were also immensely pleased to receive this feedback:

“Thank you so much for your time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved your work – it’s a great course.”

“Great course, opened my eyes to how I and the company want to be viewed by our customers.”

“Really helpful and inspiring.”

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