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Following on from the interesting results we obtained about tutors and assessors on the questionnaires dealing with conflict, Emotional Intelligence, and optimism and pessimism, we decided to examine the data on the Stress Evaluation Indicator.

The stress measure divided the participants into ‘B-type personalities’ – who tend to be patient, cautious and laid-back (scores 14–84) – and ‘A-type personalities’ – who are active, energetic, competitive and ambitious (scores 84–154).

In a normal population, the average score on the Stress Evaluation Indicator is 84. But for the exceptional candidates in the experimentthe average score was 90.

Since these results were measured against the independent feedback given by Senior Managers about tutors’ and assessors’ overall job performance, this trend shows that it would be more desirable to select and develop A-type personalities for teaching posts.

This trend was also confirmed by the fact that A-type personalities were more numerous in the above-average group (63.5%) – while only 54% of the average groups fell in the A-personality dimension.

What conclusions can we draw from our results? It’s most desirable that tutors and assessors are A-type personalities, with  an optimistic outlook on life; they should also be strong on interpersonal relationships, and prefer a collaborative approach to resolve conflict. The combination of these characteristics seems to give them a better direction in their careers.

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