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Beliefs, values and attitudes all influence our behaviour.

Beliefs are ideas that are true to us and, together with values, they drive our attitudes toward others.

Values are defined as “principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life” (OED). It doesn’t matter that what is important to each and every one of us might differ; we all have core and peripheral values – whether they’re clear or not.

We’ve analysed the clarity of values of about 200 contact centre representatives, and we’ve unearthed some gender differences. While both men and female scores are comparable, females seem to be achieving more definite numbers, with an average of 7.73 (clear values) and 4.28 (unclear values).

In general, having clear values makes it easier to make decisions; people with less clear values, instead, are more likely to be flexible, malleable and adaptable.

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